Andy Cohen's Epiphone Texan

Andy brought me this guitar and asked that I don't give it a neck reset the normal way, because he was unsure of the nature of the neck joint. He wanted me to take off the fingerboard and shim and trim the neck. The customer is always right they say, so that's just what I did (among other things).

Soundhole before & after (note the shrunken binding at the waist):

Since I had the fingerboard off it was pretty simple to remove and reglue the bindings, top and back:


Check out this truss rod!



Fingerboard is back on with a shim underneath. It also had the evil side of the fingerboard cracks.



I put an extra brace behind the old one and reenforced the soundhole with spruce.



The old bridge had been shaved down to nothing, so I made a new one out of Indian rosewood, which I dyed with yellow dye to look like Brazilian. Andy is on a tight budget and so am I!

Since I had the binding loose at the top of the guitar, I was able to make it fit tight to the edges.



I added a piece of binding on the back, by the heel.

Minnie Pearl Stands Guard on the finished guitar!